Monday, May 17, 2010

Accidents Do Happen

My last post was on the car insurance I availed for our Toyota Vios car and I never thought that I would be needing it this early.

Last Saturday, my husband drove our three weeks old Toyota Vios to pick up his cousin so they can test drive the car for an out of town trip. On his way to their meeting place, just after a busy intersection, he bumped the rear side of a passenger jeepney.....the jeepney suddenly stopped in the middle of the road to wait for passengers. My husband, an inexperienced driver that is, was caught by surprise. Maybe he was too close to the jeepney's rear end that's why he was taken by surprise.

I don't want to blame one in his right mind would want to be involved in an accident. What I am thankful is that, nobody was hurt in that accident....and that what matters most, in times like this, people's lives are more important than anything else.

The jeepney has no damage, but our car's right side was damaged. The right headlight was cracked, bumper was broken....I don't know how to describe the others.

Lessons learned from this incident?

When driving here in Metro Manila, as much as possible, avoid driving close to public utility vehicles (bus, jeepney, tricycle), you never know when and where they are going to stop.

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EINz said...

right. Jeepneys, buses, motorcycles... lousy drivers. Keep an open eye with them!