Saturday, May 15, 2010

We Chose Toyota Vios 1.5G Manual

After years of using the public transportation, we decided to have our own car. Why only now? It's because...... first, we still have no budget for a car ...... second, we still don't find it as a necessity since our place is very accessible to public transportation ..... and last, my husband and I doesn't know how to drive.

Now that we have children, we felt the need of having our own car. It is the comfort of the kids that we are after whenever we travel out of town. You know, when kids are comfortable, the whole travel experience is great. Everything just fall in place.

So why Toyota Vios? Personally, I have no idea.

We asked friends about their experience with cars and what they always end up saying is, just opt for either Toyota or Honda. So we did our research on the internet, read blogs and contacted dealers for quotations. We compared prices for similar models from Toyota and Honda and we noticed Toyota models costs less than Honda.....that is, for Toyota Vios and Honda City models.

After some thinking, my husband and I decided to go for a Toyota Vios 1.5G Manual 2010 model. Our reason:
  • Toyota parts are readily available.
  • Our budget fits this model.
  • We opted for a smaller vehicle thinking that for an inexperienced driver, it would be easier to maneuver.
Our reasons may be shallow but at least we have tried our best...we are first time car owners and I hope Toyota will never let us down.

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