Sunday, May 16, 2010

Toyota Vios Owner's Manual

Just like any gadget, Toyota Vios comes with an Owner's manual. Usually I don't read manuals, unless something go wrong with the gadget, the manual is always untouched....they are only intended for future reference.

But with the case of Toyota Vios, the first thing I did when the unit was delivered was to look for the manual. Although I am not driving (for now), I feel the need to know more about this car. This will now be our means of transportation and it is imperative that we know all its features especially on safety.

Of course even if we read the whole manual from cover to cover, we won't instantly get everything that is written here. So it is recommended that this owner's manual should always be inside the car and ready to be referenced whenever we need it.

I believe that following all the instructions in the manual will help us enjoy many years of safe and trouble-free travel.

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